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Terms & Conditions (Inc Lost/Damaged Warranty) offers optional warranty to cover your goods whilst in transit.
A warranty is a form of limited compensation for loss or damage to your goods whilst in our care.
  • For an additional fee of $2.20, we can offer you up to $50.00 cover, with no excess
  • For an additional fee of $5.50, we can offer you up to $100.00 cover, with $25 excess
  • For an additional fee of $16.50, we can offer you up to $250.00 cover, with $25 excess
  • For an additional fee of $27.50, we can offer you up to $500.00 cover, with $50.00 excess
  • For an additional fee of $44.00, we can offer you up to $1000.00 cover, with $50.00 excess
To take out the warranty you require, simply check the lost/damage protection box when prompted towards the end of the booking process.
Please note, if you choose not to take up the warranty option we have no liability for loss or damage to your goods.
Some items are not covered by this optional warranty including,  (please refer to our Lost/Damage Warranty – Terms and Conditions to obtain a list of excluded items)

(a) Valuable goods;
(b) White goods;
(c) Car, boat & all motorized vehicle parts ;
(d) glass objects and items containing glass;
(e) Televisions & computer monitors;
(f) live plants and trees;
(g) antiques;
(h) temperature controlled or perishable Goods;
(i) works of art (including painting and sculpture);
(j) wrought or unwrought metals;
(k) property owned by MXE;
(l) Dangerous goods;
(m) Furniture;
(n) vaccines or other similar medical of pharmaceutical Goods;
(o) home contents or personal effects;
(p) Australian legal tender or other currencies;
(q) negotiable instruments, share scrip, bonds, debentures, mortgages and other types of securities;
(r) perishable goods including but not limited to meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, beverages, confectionary, foodstuff, flowers, dry ice or other temperature-controlled goods;
(s) live goods, including but not limited to living plants, animals, animal products, animal skins, fish, reptiles or birds;
(t) money (which means anything having the value of money), bullion (of any precious metal), cheques, credit or other card sales vouchers, securities, shares, bonds, deed, bills of exchange, negotiable instruments in bearer form or any documents that represent money, property or title;
(u) loose precious and semi-precious stones;
(v) bloodstock or stud or prize animals;
(w) human remains (including ashes);
(x) dangerous, illegal or prohibited items, firearms, air guns, toy guns, ammunition, weapons, weapon parts, explosives, nuclear and radioactive or explosive goods/devices/energy/fuel, hazardous or combustible materials including chemicals and paints;
(y) aerosols and perfumes;
(z) flammable liquids, petrol, lighter fluid, flammable solids, non-safety matches, gases, mace, camping gas, oxidizers, bleach, poisons, pesticides, fertilisers, insecticides, corrosives, mercury;
(aa) alcoholic beverages & liquids in glass bottles;
(bb) cigarettes, e-cigarettes or tobacco products;
(cc) fragile goods such as china, crockery, marble, quartz, corian, Caesar stone and other stone or imitation stone products, pottery, ceramic, porcelain, bathroom vanity units and toilet suites.
(dd) framed items containing glass and mirrors;
(ee) furs, ivory endangered animal products;
(ff) jewellery, all watches, precious metals;
(gg) drugs/narcotics (illegal), pharmaceutical products and psychotropic substances;
(hh) Medical samples, diagnostic specimens, blood, urine, bodily fluids, tissue samples;
(ii) personal effects, being privately owned items, which are used/second-hand and usually worn/carried on the person, such as clothing and jewellery; and objects imbued with sentimental significance such as heir and family photo albums;
(jj) Industrial diamonds or carbons;
(kk) motor vehicles including motor bikes/trikes/quad bikes and any other road/offroad vehicles;
(ll) waterborne vessels, jet skis, boats or similar (whether trailed or not);
(mm) items with existing damage or in poor condition;
(nn) collectables and/or irreplaceable items;
(oo) pornography;
(pp) any other documents valuable intrinsically or extrinsically;

In addition, it is essential that all goods are adequately packed.

* A claim will not be eligible for any consignment that is deemed in our reasonable opinion to have been inadequately packed or prepared for transport:
– These may include unpalletised large or bulky items including car parts, large flat packs, heavy lengths, industrial goods, bulky household or electrical goods. Products such as these must be palletised, strapped down and shrink wrapped. Very large items must be crated for adequate protection.
– These also may include items which are cartonised yet are deemed in our reasonable opinion to have inadequate insulation or void fill inside to be able to protect the contents as well as cartons which are cannot be stacked or the packaging is too flimsy to be stack able. Cartons and carton packaging must be strong enough to be stacked with other cartons. Surfboards and the like need to have cardboard insulation for adequate protection.
We recommend the use of “Top Load Only” stickers in the event that a carton cannot be stacked with other cartons. “Top Load Only” Red Alert forms can be accessed from this link.

Please also note:

* A 7 day time limitation applies within which a claim can be made even if acknowledged as damaged on the proof of delivery copy of the consignment note.

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