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From time to time, you may have a delivery which has special requirements. We have developed the below list of downloadable "Red Alert" forms to help you communicate with us what those requirements might be. This value added service can be used at your disrcretion and there is no additional charge for printing and using these forms. When we see the big bright "Red Alert" symbol displayed on your freight, all our depot staff and drivers know there is something out of the ordinary required, and therefore special attention will be given.

Please be sure to only use them if relevant to your particular delivery. If you have any questions or are unsure of how to use any of these, simply Contact Us and we will be pleased to assist you.

How are these forms to be used? Simply click on any of the links below, print the A4 PDF and attach it securely to your freight, right next to the shipping label. You will require a PDF reader to open these files, which can be obtained free of charge here.

1. RED ALERT: Special Instructions

This form is simply a blank form upon which you may hand write or print any special instructions you would like issued to us, and especially to our delivery driver. You will find this form highly useful to help us do a stirling job and there are literally no end of circumstances where you will find it handy.

For example:
"If no one home, please leave around the back on the porch"
"Look for the building with the red fence as there is no external sign"
"Go to stand 42, exhibition hall 2, of the Convention Centre"
"This is a country homestead, please call receiver prior to delivery
to make arrangements"
" Please deliver on Tuesdays only"
"Must deliver by Friday, 5pm"

2. RED ALERT: Hold for Depot Collection

This form is very useful whenever you want the receiver to come and collect from the local depot. Circumstances for the receiver may prevent a door to door delivery, and it may be advisable for the receiver to come and collect at their convenience. When you use this form, you do not need to enter a delivery address on your consignment; only the receiver's name, email, contact telephone number, along with the town and post code are required. We will call the receiver and advise the address and depot hours with the number you have supplied.

3. RED ALERT: Authorised to Leave

If the receiver of the freight is not intending to be home to sign for the consignment, and is happy for the goods to be left, this form may be used to let the delivery driver know its OK to leave the freight outside in the event that no one is home.

4. RED ALERT: Call Prior to Delivery to Private Address: Assistance Required to Unload

If your consignment is of a bulky or heavy nature, too big or too heavy for our driver to unload on his own, this form may be used to alert us that we need to call the receiver prior to arranging delivery so an appropriate delivery date and time slot can be made. This puts the receiver on notice that they will be required to supply additional labour to help unload the goods. This is particularly useful if the item is over 30kg dead weight or too bulky to lift solo, yet is going to a private address.

5. RED ALERT: Call Prior to Delivery to Private Address: Signature Required

We prefer to deliver to daytime delivery addresses whenever possible, including business addresses, even if your consignment is of a private nature and the receiver works at the company listed on the shipping label. The reason for this is that businesses are usually always open during normal business hours and we can usually obtain a signature for your consignment. Notwithstanding, sometimes this is not possible and your consignment must be delivered to a private address. The downside of this however is that there is a risk that the receiver may not be home when the driver arrives. If you absolutely require a signature for your delivery, this form is very useful as it puts us on notice that we need to call the receiver prior to delivery to ensure they are going to be available to sign for the goods. Please note that using this form can result in a slight delay for your delivery, as it may require one to five days to raise the receiver and appoint a delivery date.

If you have previously been an Australia Post eparcel customer, you will find this value added service extremely benefitial, and for no additional cost!

Please do not use this form if you are aware that the receiver's address is a business and open 9 to 5pm weekdays.

6. RED ALERT: Call Prior to Delivery to Private Address: Signature Required (8 up)

This is exactly the same form as above, but in a convenient "8 up" format. If you regularly send to private addresses, this format may be easier to use as each label is smaller, perfect for small parcels and cartons.

7. RED ALERT: Top Load Only

We move everything from lamp shades to car parts for our customers, most of which are cartonised and we are unaware of the contents. If your consignment is light, or very fragile, and you require it to be loaded on the very top of the cage of cartons we may put it in, this form helps us understand what needs to happen to ensure your goods are handled correctly. When our dock staff see this Red Alert, they will usually keep it aside and load it last onto the respective semi trailer prior to despatch. We also have special dedicated areas on our trucks for this type of freight.

Perfect for artwork, computer screens, LCD's, signs, lights, prams, small items of furnitrue and lampshades. Please note we still require you to ensure these items are adequately packed prior to collection.

8. RED ALERT: Glass!

If your consignment is fragile but still heavy, top loading the freight may not be appropriate. Regardless, it may still require special attention. We have special dedicated areas on our trucks for this type of freight. This is especially the case for bottles, ceramics, pottery and anything containing glass. Please note we still require you to ensure these items are adequately packed prior to collection. Bottles in particular need to be packed well and none of the bottles must be touching each other.

9. RED ALERT: This Way Up

In the case of your consignment needing to travel in a certain position, this label will be useful to let us know of your requirement.

10. RED ALERT: Tail Lift Truck Required

If the consignment is a pallet, or is extremely heavy or bulky, a tail lift or tailgated truck may be required in the event of the receiver not having a forklift available. A tail lift truck has an hydraulic platform on the back which can be electronically lowered to street level. We will usually also have a pallet jack on this type of truck. Please note that this is a value added service and additional charges may apply for this type of truck delivery.

11. RED ALERT: Special Handling Request

This is an interactive PDF that allows you to communicate to us efficiently if something special or unusual is required for a particular consignment. Simply complete the form, print a copy and attach to your consignment and also email us a copy with the shipping reference noted in the subject line.

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