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Dispatching goods with us is easy.
There are a couple of special things you need to do for bookings prior to the driver arriving to collect your goods:
Interstate Courier 1. Confirm the booking and print the consignment note/address label
Once the booking process is completed, your order will come straight to us and we will dispatch our driver to collect your goods from the pickup address you nominate, according to the service you select, along with the date and time you nominate. You do not need to contact us once the booking is confirmed, unless there is a change to the booking. If so, please send us an email with your requirements. Please note that additional charges may apply for any changes to your booking; we will inform you by return email should this be the case.
You will receive a booking confirmation, payment receipt and tax invoice by email.
For Same Day Courier bookings, you have the option of printing an address label, which you may attach to your goods. If you do not wish to use our label, you will need to ensure the delivery address is clearly marked on your goods.
For all Road Express bookings, you will be required to print out on your own printer, our consignment note/address label. There will be one page per item being sent and each will have identical information, except for the item count, such as "1 of 4", "2 of 4", "3 of 4" etc.
The consignment note/address label for Road Express will look similar to this: Freight Services
You will notice that the paperwork displays a unique consignment note number. The consignment note number appears on the form you have printed and is pertinent to Road Express bookings only. This number is the one you will need to quote if you wish to use our track and trace service.
2. Carefully attach one consignment note/address label to each item you are dispatching
This is mandatory for all Road Express bookings.
You will notice the printed consignment note from the website is divided into 3 equal sections on an A4 size page.
At the first dotted line, cut the top third away and use this as your copy of the consignment note. You have the option to ask the driver to sign it as proof that he has collected your goods.
You will now be left with 2 identical sections as per the below.
Attach the remaining top half (previously the middle section) of each consignment note to your item using glue or tape along the dotted line. Please ensure you leave the bottom half loose as this will be used by the delivery driver to obtain a signature from the receiver. The middle section you have applied to the goods will remain intact all the way. Courier Service >
3. Be sure to CLEARLY hand write the delivery address, as well as the consignment note number and the item count ('1 of 3, 2 of 3' etc) on your goods, before the driver collects them.
The consignment note number appears on the form you have printed and is pertinent to Road Express bookings only. This number is the one you will need to quote if you wish to use our track and trace service.
Courier Services By hand writing the delivery address and consignment note number, your goods will be protected in the unlikely event of the paperwork accidentally coming loose. Even if the paperwork does come loose from the goods whilst in transit, we will still know to whom the goods belong and to where they need to be delivered.
This is an extremely important measure and will provide you peace of mind that your goods will arrive at the intended location, and on time. If the paperwork is detached from your goods and there is nothing else for us to go on in terms of a delivery address, they will remain unidentified in our system. This may create difficulties in locating them. So if you follow these simple instructions, all will go smoothly.
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