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By following some of these handy hints, you will greatly assist us do a sterling job:
1. Adequate Packaging is paramount
Packaging your goods appropriately for safe transport is probably your most important responsibility, especially when using our Road Express service anywhere in Australia. When packaging your goods, please ensure the packaging is strong enough to cope with the weight and density of the goods you are placing inside. It also needs to be robust enough to handle the rigours of normal freight distribution systems. Use void fill if the goods move around inside and as much packing tape as possible to make the packaging strong and sturdy. On the carton, apply the packing tape around every side and also along the seams. This will assist in preventing the carton splitting open whilst in transit
If your item is especially fragile, let us know! Write the word "FRAGILE" on the outside of the item in big bold letters, then highlight with a highlighter.
We will treat your consignment with utmost care, but please recognise it will be stacked into a line haul vehicle, often in a cage or on a pallet along with all other freight.
Our driver under instructions not to collect your goods unless they are correctly packaged, in which case you may forfeit all or part of the amount charged to your credit card.
2. Address labelling is absolutely critical
Labelling is a very important factor when it comes to your deliveries. Please ensure that your goods are correctly labelled. We cannot deliver something if it has no address. It will greatly assist in ensuring speedy and accurate delivery of your goods if you follow the hints below.
Courier Services Make sure the name and address are completed correctly on the consignment note. The correct postcode is also vital as there are many suburbs across Australia that share the same name. The postcode greatly assists us to sort your goods accurately.
Double check that the delivery address is a valid one.
We do not deliver to post office boxes. We need a valid street address.
We generally deliver between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays. We prefer to deliver to places (usually business addresses) where there is a reasonably strong likelihood of delivering to the consignee or a representative of the consignee and obtaining a signature to verify delivery. Don't forget that even if your receiver is a private individual, its quite OK to address your goods to them care of their place of work. Just type in the receiver's name, along with the business name and address in the booking.
Be sure to CLEARLY hand write the delivery address, as well as the consignment note number and the item count ('1 of 3, 2 of 3' etc) on your goods, before the driver collects them.
The consignment note number appears on the form you have printed and is pertinent to Road Express bookings only. This number is the one you will need to quote if you wish to use our track and trace service.
By hand writing the delivery address and consignment note number, you will greatly assist in protecting your goods in the event of the paperwork becoming separated from the goods.
Ensure that the carton or packaging you use does not display any old address labels, bar codes, old consignment note numbers or the like. It is VITAL that there is only one address on the goods as we sensitive use electronic sortation technology which might be compromised by the presence of conflicting addresses.
3. There are some types of goods that are prohibited from being consigned to us
Freight Service
  • Furniture or white goods such as washers, dryers and refrigerators
  • Chemicals or cement
  • Hazardous or dangerous goods such as flammables, toxins, acid, aerosols, oils, fuels, asbestos
  • Foodstuffs requiring refrigeration or any food liable to deteriorate if exposed
  • Animals, pets or livestock
  • Legal tender including cash, gold and precious gems
  • Any single item over 35kg dead weight which is not palletized (OH&S requirement)
  • Anything without adequate packaging
  • Any single item without a registered consignment note/bar code and/or address label attached
  • Pipes or lengths over 4 metres
  • Precious artworks or artworks with glass, ceramics or pottery
  • Car parts that are not packed in their original cartons
In the event of our driver not collecting your goods because they contain prohibited items, you may forfeit all or part of the amount charged to your credit card.
Don't hesitate to read the "Despatching Your Goods" section of our website for additional tips, or send us an email with questions or queries about packaging.
4. Double check you have declared the correct dead weight and dimensions for Road Express bookings
All dimensions must be declared in centimeters and dead weight in whole kilograms. The charge will be calculated on the dead weight or at the rate of 333 kgs per cubic metre, whichever produces the greater charge.
Our electronic scanning equipment will check your consignments for the weight, dimensions and volume. In the absence of some manifest or demonstrable error on the part of that equipment, its results will prevail over information you have provided for the purpose of calculating charges. Additional charges will be applied to your credit card, along with a $5.50 administration fee. If this occurs you will be informed in writing by email.
If you are unsure of what to do, please read the section on how to measure your freight correctly on this website or send us an email with any queries
5. Support our Occupational Health and Safety Standards
The maximum dead weight of any item should be no more than 25 kilograms. Please consider the safety of our staff and break down items in excess of this weight into separate pieces each weighing no more than 25 kgs. If you are operating from a business, we recommend the use of pallets or skids for heavy and/or bulky items so they may be forked on and off instead of hand loaded.
6. Transit times are expressed in working days
Any estimated transit days quoted will be exclusive of public holidays and weekends. After hours or weekend delivery tariffs are not included in our basic on line prices, however they will be supplied by special request. Please email your requirements and we will issue a quotation along with instructions.
7. Let us know if the receiver of your delivery has special requirements
On the odd occasion, you may have special delivery requirements as stipulated by the receiver of your goods. These might include timeslot bookings (eg retail store delivery docks), after hours, call on approach, special instructions etc. If so, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please email us your special requirements and we will issue a quotation along with instructions.
8. If in doubt, just ask!
We offer you very attractive rates in exchange for you not needing to physically speak to an operator; this is how we pass savings onto you. Everything is conducted online including handling of queries.
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