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e-Go Web Services can be used to integrate into your business systems, retail website or order management system.

Our Web Services allow you to book e-Go jobs and create shipping labels, track shipments and obtain rate quotes.

What are Web services?
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Essentially, they are a collection of programming technologies that allows a user to build customised solutions for application integration.

Web services differ from traditional client/server models in that they allow for application-to-application communication. In other words, applications interface with each other, not with the users. This means applications can be combined to create more powerful services.


Web services represent the future of application integration because they offer the following:

  • Inter-Operability: any Web service can interact with any other Web service and can be written in any programming language.
  • Compatibility: web services communicate using HTTP and XML-so any connected device that supports these technologies can both host and access Web Services.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: the concepts behind Web services are easy to understand, and developers can quickly create and deploy them using many tool-kits available on the Web.
  • Industry Support: major content providers and vendors are supporting the Web services movement.

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